Practice Makes Your Experience Enjoyable and Productive

We Have 3 Practice Games to Help You Take Control

About The Practice Games

All Practice games are single-player games designed to help new players to gaming-industry practice game controls. Virtual Enablement Games use specific keyboard keys and mouse movements to help navigate your way and interact with objects inside the game (these are called Game Controls). Knowing how to use the proper game controls is essential, especially before playing any of our multiple-player games with your team.

Being proficient in these controls means that you will be able to focus on your gameplay and the team’s dynamics rather than the technological aspect of the game environment. Besides, you will have more fun and enjoy your game better with your teammates. So keep practicing using these games before you play with your team in a Virtual Escape Event.

We designed them for people who never played computer games before or have limited experience. So play them and share your completion time with others, or try to beat your own score.

Party CleanUp

The Cube