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Single Team Event is designed for one team of 8 members, plus a spectator. The Single Team Event has two options:

  1. Without a certified facilitator. This option is comes with basic teams analytics report.
  2. With a certified facilitator. The option with the certified facilitator is called with observation option. It includes a detailed report from the live facilitator and an AI report about the Teams' performance in many areas of teaming skills, such as communication, collaboration, taking the initiative, coordination, problem-solving, and trust.

Start With A Virtual Lab Escape Session

  • 8 players, 2 coordinators, and a spectator in a 1-time session.
  • Performance analytics dashboard for monitoring the session.
  • Virtual team building achievement report for feedback.
  • Recording of entire session to memorialize the event.
  • Automatic screen shots are taken regularly for sharable moments.
  • Downloadable mobile application to get notifications, and access to team chat and sessions scheduled.
  • Options include a facilitator to manage the event, observe and evaluate performance, and record and provide metrics.

The Most Immersive Virtual lab escape event with Advanced Capabilities

Recommended Applications for the Single-Team Event:

  • Leadership Development
  • Virtual team Building
  • Employee Appreciation

Have fun with the virtual lab escape while improving critical team skills

The Virtual Lab Escape Experience!

Multiple Views To Choose From

Player 1st Person View

Designed for players who directly participate in the game, by controlling the movements and actions of their avatar.

This is the default and most immersive player view where the view of the situation is through the eyes of the player's avatar.

Player 3rd Person View

Designed for people directly participating, but who may experience motion illness in 1st person view. The view of the situation is from behind the player's avatar (the female player with magenta shirt and her back to you).

The view can be switched back and forth with the 1st person view to get a more immersive experience when motion is not required.

Player overview

Designed for players with difficulties using 1st and 3rd person views, which precludes their direct participation. In this overview of the situation, players can't interact with objects, but they can see the entire game, and communicate with other players, while helping the team navigate their way through the game.

This view has additional perspectives and advantages that other player views do not have. This way, these players can play a significant role in the success of the virtual team building session.

Spectator View

Designed for managers, leadership, and human resource management professionals monitoring the session, and others who do not need to interact in the session, or otherwise require a direct role in the virtual team building exercise.

This spectator view is an overview of the situation from above the players. Spectators can hear but not chat or talk to the team. Great for watching the session from a distance.


  • Muhammad Sadeeq
    When we moved to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my team was completely disoriented, and I could not finish anything on time. We had deadlines, and we needed to support the company to deploy M365 to the entire company. So we tried to do it ourselves, but the pressure and we struggled even more with time. I reached out to Dr. Faisal Shehab because I saw his profile and publications on LinkedIn. He suggested bringing the team together in a team-building exercise, so we tried LAB ESCAPE with him facilitating. It was a fantastic experience, and then he helped us to build an action plan for improvement. With the action plan and the personalized assessment report, We had a plan, and we were able to bring the team together and deliver M365 to the entire company in less than a month. We strongly recommend the virtual team building development program. Thank you, Dr. Shehab, for such a fantastic experience.
    Muhammad Sadeeq
    Director of IT
  • Tiffany Lopez
    I am not technically savvy and my team is the same. As an HR manager, I was interested to try it as a potential HR tool. It looks promising, but I am used to traditional HR styles, so I decided to give it a try with my team before I introduce it to the company. The Virtual Lab Escape was not just a game, it was a true simulation experience. It was not like any team building exercise I did before. We used the facilitator option to check out the quality of the assessment report, it was detailed and served as a baseline for self-awareness and reflection.  It is an impressive HR tool for virtual team building. I already recommended it to all managers in my company.
    Tiffany Lopez
    HR Manager
  • Steve Williams
    I was curious about the concept of virtual team-building exercises and decided to try it with my team. in my mind, it was just a game, but man I was wrong. It was very challenging, and I have never seen my team communicate and collaborate together like this before. It transformed my team from a group of individuals into a united team. I wrote this testimonial two weeks after we took the session, and I can still see the difference it made to my team. I am definitely doing this on a regular basis with my team.
    Steve Williams
    Marketing Manager
  • Andrew Martin
    The LAB ESCAPE is well crafter team building session. It was fun but challenging. I loved seeing how my struggling team come together so fast in just 90 minutes. We even asked our HR manager to observe the entire session as a spectator, which she did. She also loved the session recording feature, and she used it as a reference to discuss strategies improvement and follow-up. She recommended that we buy one of the Virtual Enablement Team Development Program Packages. Based on our score, we purchased the Accelerator package, and we were able to expense it as a team development and training solution.
    Andrew Martin
    Project Manager

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