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More Fun with Muliple Teams Joining the Virtual Castle Escape

  • Multiple teams participating in multiple single sessions, with a maximum of 8 players, 2 coordinators, and a spectator per team.
  • Includes all single-team event capabilities including dashboards, reports, recordings, snapshots and mobile app.
  • Event observation option included, with a facilitator to manage the event, observe and evaluate performance, and record and provide metrics.
  • An additional team performance assessment is optional.

Virtual Castle Escape Event Capabilities

The multi-team event is designed for multiple teams participating in multiple sessions within a single event, where everyone shares the experience. Unlike the single-team, single-session event, the organizer can choose different event styles, event-wide dashboard, and much more. The multi-team event is where you can bring your entire organization, suppliers, partners, and customers together and develop deeper relationships.

There are many excellent applications of the virtual castle escape. The sky is the limit!

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Client Engagement
  • Partners and Suppliers Relationship Development
  • Conferences and Conventions

Multiple Team Event Benefits

The Virtual Castle Escape Experience!

Multipe Views To Choose From

Player 1st Person View

Designed for players who directly participate in the game, by controlling the movements and actions of their avatar.

This is the default and most immersive player view where the view of the situation is through the eyes of the player's avatar.

Player 3rd Person View

Designed for people directly participating, but who may experience motion illness in 1st person view. The view of the situation is from behind the player's avatar (the female player with magenta shirt and her back to you).

The view can be switched back and forth with the 1st person view to get a more immersive experience when motion is not required.

Player Overview

Designed for players with difficulties using 1st and 3rd person views, which precludes their direct participation. In this overview of the situation, players can't interact with objects, but they can see the entire game, and communicate with other players, while helping the team navigate their way through the game.

This view has additional perspectives and advantages that other player views do not have. This way, these players can play a significant role in the success of the virtual team building session.

Spectator View

Designed for managers, leadership, and human resource management professionals monitoring the session, and others who do not need to interact in the session, or otherwise require a direct role in the virtual team building exercise.

This spectator view is an overview of the situation from above the players. Spectators can hear but not chat or talk to the team. Great for watching the session from a distance.


  • Pierre Trudel
    ENCADE invited us to participate in a multi-team event with other ENCADE suppliers, partners, and employees. We were almost 20 teams, and we did the tournament-style event. To be honest, I did not think playing a game as part of a team building exercise would be effective because we had previously done a video conference meeting with another company, and it was fun, but it is another zoom meeting. When we were invited to the Virtual Enablement multi-team event, it was a whole different story. It was not a one-time session, but it was multiple sessions with varying levels of difficulty. It created a sense of competitive spirit among my team. It was engaging, and it was the topic of discussion for weeks. My team cohesion improved significantly, and we were more collaborative with other ENCADE suppliers, partners, and employees than ever before. By the way, I loved the observations reports because they helped my team's self-awareness and provided us with a plan of action for improvement. Thank you for building such an authentic virtual team building experience.
    Pierre Trudel

Multi-Team Event & Option Pricing Packages

Every Session in a Virtual Castle Escape includes the Event Observation Option,
with a certified Facilitator, and an Event Observation Report

A Team Performance Assessment Option can be added for additional metrics.

5% Discount



From 5 to 10 teams

Price Per Team/Per Session



From 11 to 25 teams

Price Per Team/Per Session



From 26 to 50 teams

Price Per Team/Per Session



from 51 to 100 teams

Price Per Team/Per Session



From 101 to 250 teams

Price Per Team/Per Session