Improve Team Engagement Improve Team Connection & Commitment Improve Team Performance

Are Your Virtual Teams having problems with

  • Physical separation negatively impacting teamwork?
  • Decreased engagement and loss of team cohesion?
    • Loss of personal connections and sense of belonging?
    • Loss of insight on team health and status?
  • Reduced collaboration and stronger functional silos?
  • Increased conflicts and miscommunication?
  • Less commitment and hindered performance?

We have the next generation team-building games.

We have the real-world experience, knowledge and know-how
to do this right.

Video Conferencing-type team-building exercises Won’t Cut It!

We provide the most immersive virtual experience and technically-advanced team building solutions
for virtual teams, in an online virtual escape game-type format.

Observe Teams Playing Games & Leadership Reviewing Results

Building virtual teams requires virtualization solutions.

Choose from the most authentic-feeling, technically-advanced virtual team-building games designed specifically for
virtual, globally distributed workforces, and supporting all levels of leadership, including executives.

Virtual Enablement Games & Options

Bring your managers and team members together virtually, in a virtual environment, simulating virtual working conditions. Begin with a team-building session for a group, and after multiple groups have experience, they will be ready for you to consider, bringing your entire organization, and external organizations, together into an exciting, multiple groups, team-building event.

Lab Escape Event

A single-team, single-session, virtual team building game, including a measurement dashboard and team achievement reports.

  • Addresses loss of personal connections and sense of belonging impacting team performance.
  • Simulates a collaborative virtual environment used to target team improvement.
  • Develops team commitment and performance. Makes an effective virtual or hybrid team possible.

Castle Escape Event

A multi-team, multi-session, virtual team building game for competitive team building, including all the features and benefits of the single-team, single-session game, and more.

  • Addresses functional silos, ability to collaborate, and reduced performance.
  • Drives team integration and effectiveness by improving cross-team relationships.
  • Develops team identity, culture, integration, and performance.

Marketing Campaign Option

Adds marketing of your event(s) to your organizations and other audiences of your choosing.

Experience Virtual Enablement Games in 3 Simple Steps

1. Schedule the Event & Options

Schedule your virtual enablement games and options through a fully automated, self-service platform. You will then receive a marketing kit for presenting this event to your organization and other audiences. Or if you prefer, we can market it for you through our marketing campaign option.

2. Bring the Players to the Virtual Team-Building Game

You and your team(s) then participate in the event(s) based on the schedule you set. Everyone will be having fun and enjoying the experience.

3. Experience the Improvement & Satisfaction

You will also enjoy the long-lasting benefits of improved performance. Everyone will be talking about the games afterwards, the positive effect being rewarding, satisfying, and something for everyone to be proud of.

Don’t lose productivity with poorly performing virtual teams. Experience a long-lasting, noticeable difference!

Get effective and integrated virtual teams with

  • An increased sense of community and belonging!
  • An increased level of morale and motivation!
  • An increased level of team communication and cohesion!
  • An increased level of commitment and satisfaction!
  • A reduced level of functional silos and conflict!

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